$449.00 USD

This services agreement is effective and entered into between Chelsea Brinkley, LLC (“Chelsea Brinkley”) and (“Client”). 

Client hereby engages Chelsea Brinkley to provide referral services. The scope of work for this agreement is as follows:

Accessing our remote network for sourcing includes [Find A Freelancer BASIC PACKAGE]:

  • Sharing our job description writing guide (template + tips)
  • Sharing your job with our network of remote workers and community on several platforms  


Accessing our remote network for sourcing includes [Find A Freelancer PLUS PACKAGE]:

  • We’ll write the job description for the role for you
  • We’ll give you our proven, step-by-step Hiring Framework 
  • Sharing your job with our network of remote workers and community on several platforms



  • BILLING AND PAYMENT.  Client shall compensate Chelsea Brinkley the total fee for performing the tasks and duties related to the Scope of Work. Full payment is due to Chelsea Brinkley to begin work. All payments must be up-to-date in order for Client to continue receiving services from Chelsea Brinkley. There are no refunds.



  • CONFIDENTIALITY. None of the parties hereto shall, during the term of this engagement or at any time thereafter, communicate, divulge or use for the benefit of any other person, persons, partnership, association, corporation or entity any of another party’s confidential information, knowledge or know-how. Any and all information, knowledge or know-how concerning the operation, products, services, procedures, policies or customers of Chelsea Brinkley & Client shall be deemed confidential for purposes of this agreement.



  • CANCELLATION. If Client cancels the engagement more than seven (7) days after agreeing to this agreement, 50% of the initial payment fee is refunded.



  • L​IABILITY AND INDEMNIFICATION. In connection with the services provided generally under this agreement and specifically by any services under a Statement of Work, in no event shall Chelsea Brinkley be responsible or liable to Client for any damages whatsoever caused by any acts of the new team member found by Client.



  • NO GUARANTEE POLICY. There is no guarantee that someone from our network will apply or be the best fit for the position you’re looking to hire.


This Service Agreement becomes null and void if not executed within 30 days of receipt.

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Find A Freelancer - Plus




⮕ A well-written job description for the role by our team (approved by you, of course)

⮕ Our proven, step-by-step Hiring Framework to use for running your hiring process  (the exact steps we run each candidate through in our full Virtual Executive Assistant & OBM Matching Program - which has a 100% success rate) 

  • The exact screening process we follow to vet candidates
  • The questions you need to ask candidates in each screening phase
  • What to look for in candidates in each screening phase
  • The 3 main pillars that identify a qualified candidate

⮕ Our Job Application Form Template and Candidate Email Templates

Sharing your job with our network of remote workers and community on several platforms (over 254k+ remote workers!)


When we share jobs: We share jobs every Thursday.


After your purchase: you will receive an immediate email and our team will be notified to get this going for you.

We will reach out to you via email within 24 hours (unless on the weekend then it will be the next business day) about what day your job posting will be shared with our network (usually within 1-2 weeks). This will give us time to craft the job description, get your approval on it, and for us to schedule your job to go out to our community on several platforms.