10 Random Things I’m Loving Lately

personal Jun 09, 2022

I love reading about people’s favorite things or new favorite items they’ve discovered. I’ve learned about some cool products and found new favorite things of mine thanks to those lists. If you’ve been following me for a bit, you also know I’m a big fan of people helping people and I think sharing things that you’ve found to make you happy or have made your life easier, is just one way to do that. So, here are a few things I’m particularly loving lately! 



My Favorite Joggers

Ever since I got these joggers, I’ve worn them at least once or twice a week. Since I work from home/on the road/anywhere, I’m usually either wearing athleisure clothing or joggers with a tee or sweatshirt. Just being real with y’all. Joggers are perfect for my work from home uniform because they make me feel a bit more put together than workout leggings but are still comfortable. These are my go-to joggers and they’re super affordable too. I find myself grabbing these the most. I wear a small in these.

My other favorite joggers are these from Lululemon. I’m obsessed with the high waist on these. I’m normally a 6 in Lululemon stuff but wear a 4 in these. 

Cost: $32 | Check it out here 


Sweaty Betty Leggings

I typically workout on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings which means those days I stay in workout clothes basically all day unless we’re going out for our Friday night dates. I have several pairs of workout leggings and these have quickly become a favorite. I love the high waist (I’m all about that high rise after having a baby haha) and the shine fabric. They’re great workout leggings but really they’re perfect for Fall and winter with an oversized sweater or longer top and boots. They’re my go-to in the Fall. I have the full length ones (I’m 5’8) and wear a size small in these but they also have a 7/8 length.

Cost: $68 | Check it out here 


Amazon Echo Holder

We keep an Amazon Echo in our kitchen which is super handy for setting timers or adding things to the grocery list but I didn’t like having it just sit on the counter with cables out (I like things to be clean and tidy!). I found this handy holder to keep the echo plugged in with no cables showing and it’s been perfect. It’s one of those little life hack things I love.

Cost: $14 | Check it out here


Tanologist Self Tanner Drops

I’m super duper pale but don’t like most of the self tanning products out there. They either smell funky, rub off on clothes, streaky, or makes you more orange than tan looking and just fake but these tanning drops are *it*. I put about 3 drops on my hands and mix it with my body lotion and facial moisturizer  and get a nice gradual tan. It’s so wonderful and lasts a while too.

Cost: $20 | Check it out her


Fellow Mug

I completely geek out about products that are created well and with the customer user experience in mind. This is one of those products. It seems simple because ultimately it’s really just a travel mug but it’s made sooo well. I love that I can use it for coffee, cocktails, and literally everything in between. It fits in car cup holders and even has a splash guard which is brilliant. I have the 12 oz Carter one.

Cost: $28 | Check it out here


Favorite Tees

I don’t know why but I’ve found it difficult to find affordable, simple, everyday tees. I’ve found ones I like for $45 each but that seemed overpriced to me especially when I was really looking for ones I liked that I can multiples of. And I’m not about to spend $200 on a few tees. I’ve truly tried so many and found these Target ones to be my favorite. 

Check it out here for the sleeveless, here for the v-neck, and here for the crew neck


Sunski Sunglasses

I have a couple of pairs of Rayban sunglasses but was recently looking for a pair I could wear when we do more adventurous outdoorsy things. I’m not about to wear my fragile Raybans when we’re snowshoeing, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, or anything like that – they just don’t work for that stuff. I tried another brand called Blenders for things like this but they were really big on my face and kept falling off. These Sunski ones though have been awesome and I tend to grab them over my Raybans now. They look great, are super functional too, affordable, and durable.

Cost: $58 | Check it out here 


Jaybird Earbuds

I have super small ear canals and have had a difficult time finding Bluetooth earbuds that will stay in my ears. I’ve tried the Apple ones, Amazon Echobuds, and even some I just found on Amazon but none of them have worked for me. I’ve been searching for literally years and FINALLY found these. They fit my small ear canals, don’t fall out, and swap between my phone and laptop easily.

Cost: $200 | Check it out here


Patagonia Fanny Pack

I’m one of those people who wears a fanny pack now haha. But not out and about but really just around our house and doing outdoorsy things like when I go outside to pull weeds on the land or cut up a fallen tree. I put Porter’s baby monitor in there, my phone, and usually a granola bar. It’s super handy and I also take it when we go camping or on any of our adventure trips.

Cost: $30 | Check it out here (I have the black one)


Daily Harvest Smoothies

Pretty sure I wouldn’t eat food during the day if it weren’t for these. They’re super easy and it’s a nice grab and go option. 

Cost: Depends on what you get | Check it out here and get $25 off yours




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