Matching entrepreneurs and small business owners with highly skilled Virtual Executive Assistants and Online Business Managers


Do the things only you can do in your business and delegate the rest.

So, What Is 'Virtual Executive Assistant & OBM Matching'?


To put it simply, we talk through what you need in a new remote team member and go find that perfect match for you.

We take care of the entire hiring process including finding and vetting candidates, conducting skills tests, assessing their culture-fit, bringing you the top three candidates to choose from, and then introducing you and your hire to begin working together.

We charge a matching fee and, once matched with your EA or OBM, we'll step out of the way and let you two move forward in working together (unless you want one-on-one coaching from Chelsea — more details on that below). We are not a recruiting agency. We are a boutique, service-based business that provides our high-level clients with the individual attention they need in order to be matched with high-quality candidates.

The Two Roles We Hire & Match For:

1. Executive Assistants:

This person is seen as your partner — they look out for you and have your back. They're proactive, forward-thinking about what they can take off your to-do list, and a go-getter. Some typical tasks might include email management, calendar/schedule management, file organization, communication with clients on your behalf, and administrative duties that will free you up to do the things only you can do in your business.

2. Online Business Manager

This person is operations-driven and does not handle the administrative tasks as an EA does. The Online Business Manager (or OBM) is the implementer to the CEO, entrepreneur, or small business owner.

The entrepreneur communicates their vision and what they want/need accomplished to their OBM who then creates a plan and takes it to the team broken down into smaller goals and tasks to be completed. The OBM manages these projects making sure everything is completed on time and goals are reached. They get stuff done while creating processes, procedures, and workflows in the business.

The OBM leads the team, helps to set and reach goals, delegates things to team members, solves problems so the leader doesn’t have to worry about it, and creates all the processes and organization for the business to run efficiently.

Think of the OBM as the Chief Operations Officer to the Chief Executive Officer.

You May Be Ready For an EA or OBM if...


⮕ You don't have TIME to do things that need to get done

⮕ There are things you don’t know HOW to do that you’d like to start implementing in your business

⮕ There are things you DISLIKE doing (the ones that aren't in your zone of genius) that you’d love to hand off to someone else

⮕ You're often feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and stressed out in your business (and life)

⮕ You find yourself working IN your business all the time compared to ON it (there's a difference

⮕ You don't spend as much time with loved ones as you'd like or doing the things you enjoy because you're bogged down with work

Can You Afford an EA or OBM?


There are two factors to consider:

⮕ The amount of time you need from someone

⮕ The skill level needed (EA or OBM)


With any job, the more skilled you are, the higher the rate and the same goes for these roles.


The cost of an Executive Assistant is typically between $25-40 per hour and an Online Business Manager is $35-60 per hour.


It all depends on what you need from someone (e.g. the skills, software, and tools they need to know). We can talk through this and give you an accurate number of what to expect once we hear what you'd like to delegate to this person.


Please note: We only go through this hiring process if your EA or OBM role will be a minimum of 8-10 hours a week. We’ve found if it’s lower than this, the lower quality and skilled candidates we get and we don’t want you to get to the end of our process and not be happy with the options. Plus we’ve found once you start to delegate things to them, there will be much more to hand off.


Get Started

Our Comprehensive 5-Week Matching Framework Includes:


Working with Team Brinkley to make sure we know what you’re looking for, get insight on your culture-fit needs, answer any questions you have, and make sure you're hiring for the right role

Creating a custom job description for the role you’re looking for (we’ve been trained by job writing experts)

Sourcing top-tier candidates through our network (where we have over 3k highly skilled remote workers)

Conducting a full vetting process complete with attention-to-detail tests, culture-fit assessments, skills tests, team interviews, and reference checks

Presenting you with all the information for the top three candidates to be able to hire the best possible fit for you and your business

Follow-up call with Chelsea to talk through the top candidate choices

Our "Next Steps" checklist so you know exactly what to do when onboarding your new team member

Our "Next Steps" checklist for your new team member so they know what they should be doing as they get started working with you

A 30-day guarantee (more details on that in the FAQ below)

We Vet Candidates Based On These Factors:

Must-Have Skills

The basic skills needed to be able to do the job with excellence based on the software and tools you use.

Culture Fit

Aligning with the passion and purpose of your company, values, and mission. Team and personality fit.

Bonus Skills

These are skills that are a bonus if the candidate has them. If not, they're willing to learn them for the role.

The Amazing Results Our Clients Are Getting

Thus far, we've successfully matched over 70+ entrepreneurs and small business owners with their perfect hire with a 100% success rate!


How It All Got Started


Who is Chelsea and why did she start doing this?

I used to be the Executive Assistant for the Chief Digital Officer of a successful multi-million dollar company, Ramsey Solutions. I stepped away from that role because I wanted to work remotely (which wasn't allowed) to travel more and work from anywhere.

I started out in my remote journey as a freelance Virtual Executive Assistant which then turned into being an Integrator/COO to several high-level entrepreneurs and thought leaders. My clients' colleagues would ask if I could help them too, but I just didn't have the bandwidth. I did, however, know a lot of other great EAs and Integrators that I had worked with and began connecting them to work together. This is where the Virtual EA & OBM Matching first began - by connecting good people together. That is and always will be the heart behind it.

I started my own business from scratch and, now as an entrepreneur myself, I'm uniquely positioned to know what a small business owner needs as well as what the candidates are looking for too.

I've seen too many entrepreneurs trying to do everything themselves. I'm a firm believer that if we delegate some things and let everyone work in their strengths, that's the sweet spot. I'm passionate about helping people grow their businesses while also gaining freedom and flexibility back in their lives.

Our Team

In order to match several entrepreneurs with new EAs & OBMs at the same time with a lot of overlap, we have a small team that gets this done alongside Chelsea - our matching assistant and matching coordinator. We all work remotely and from different places around the country.

We intentionally keep our team lean so we can keep your cost lower because we know the importance of that as small business owners ourselves :)

Choose The Option That’s Best For You

Payment plans available - always.

How our fee structure is different below.




⮕ Custom job description written

⮕ Sourcing top-tier candidates

⮕ Full 5-week vetting process (video interviews, skills tests, and culture-fit assessments)

⮕ Follow-up call with Chelsea

⮕ "Next Steps" onboarding checklists

⮕ 1:1 Client Coaching with Chelsea

⮕ 1:1 EA or OBM Coaching with Chelsea




⮕ Custom job description written

⮕ Sourcing top-tier candidates

⮕ Full 5-week vetting process (video interviews, skills tests, and culture-fit assessments)

⮕ Follow-up call with Chelsea

⮕ "Next Steps" onboarding checklists

⮕ 1:1 Client Coaching with Chelsea




⮕ Custom job description written

⮕ Sourcing top-tier candidates

⮕ Full 5-week vetting process (video interviews, skills tests, and culture-fit assessments)

⮕ Follow-up call with Chelsea

⮕ "Next Steps" onboarding checklists


How Our Structure Fee Works


Our fee structure is quite different compared to similar services and we're very proud of that! We keep our team lean so we don't have to charge unnecessarily high or ongoing fees in order to continue to work with your new team member (that's not fair).

This investment will replace about 35 hours of internal labor for you/your team, includes a 30-day guarantee, and did we mention... we have a 100% success rate. Our process works.


So really, what's your time and energy worth?
Let's Do This - Fill Out Our New Client Form!

How Coaching Works:

Client Coaching

Once you’re matched with your new team member, you will have unlimited access to Chelsea for 3 months. She’ll be available to answer any questions you have about working with your new team member — help you figure out how to delegate projects, how to best use their time, help resolve any issues that come up, advise on best practices in working with a remote team member, best ways to manage projects, and assist with anything that comes up in those first few months.

THIS INCLUDES: One 60-minute call each month for three months with unlimited access to Chelsea via email, phone, and text. You’ll even be invited to Chelsea’s private Slack workspace.

Executive Assistant & OBM Coaching

Sometimes your new team member will have questions as you begin to work together — like on best practices, how to handle a situation in working together, needing advice on how to streamline your processes, and countless other questions. So for the first 3 months of you working together, your EA or OBM will also have direct access to Chelsea to address anything that comes up that they could use her tips and advice on.

THIS INCLUDES: One 60-minute call each month for three months for your new EA or OBM with Chelsea and unlimited access via email, phone, and text. They will even be invited to Chelsea’s Slack workspace. This coaching will make them more successful, organized, and allow them to have helpful discussions with Chelsea which will, in turn, benefit you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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