About Chelsea

Whether I’m organizing an entrepreneur’s business or teaching freelancers how to start and grow their own business, my core philosophy is this:

You can do great work from anywhere.

This belief alone has turned my life around 180 degrees in the best way possible.

Not too long ago, I was sitting in my cubicle staring out my boss’s office window wishing I could be outside and travel more often. I felt like I was living life two weekend days at a time then back to "the grind" to work my way up the career ladder I was supposed to be so fond of. I eventually realized I didn’t want my job (and my life) to revolve around an office building until I retired and decided to finally do something about it.

In 2016, my husband and I made the decision to leave our corporate jobs and become full-time remote workers in order to gain back control of our lives. We wanted the freedom to be able to travel often and work from wherever we were, to live where we wanted, and create life on our own terms. We ultimately wanted to enjoy life before having to wait for retirement to do all those things.

We created a plan in order to make this a reality which also involved changing our home base. The whole plan took an entire year of preparation - we took weekend trips to visit potential places to live, sold our cars, purchased new cars that could handle the new destination, moved in with my parents to save money and pay off all debt, Jeff changed careers in order to work remotely which included completing a 6-month educational bootcamp, and I worked remotely on the side as well as my full-time job in order to learn the ropes.

To be honest, it was a ton of work but we were persistent on living our lives intentionally.

We now live in the mountains of Colorado and have been able to travel, go places, and do things we never would have been able to while having corporate jobs. The fact I’m living the life I dreamt of while staring out a window from my cubicle is still surreal.

“You can do great work from anywhere.”


When I’m not working, you can find me...


 Spending time outdoors - being in nature is my happy place. I love to hike, downhill ski, snowshoe, kayak, mountain bike, and take photos of beautiful landscapes.

 Traveling and exploring as many new countries and cultures as possible!

 Hopping from one National Park to the other in our camper, Little Debbie, and working from campgrounds during the summer.

 At home in our Colorado cabin with my boys. Hosting friends around the fire pit as we’re sipping seasonal cocktails, sharing stories, and making s’mores.

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On the stage or virtually, Chelsea's practical message is both motivating and actionable.


Chelsea Brinkley brings decades of expertise for organization and operational strategy. Her message inspires business owners to equip, train, source, and execute. She inspires meaningful change across your audience.




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