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Most Businesses Run At The Expense of the Owner’s Sanity

Maybe You Can Relate...


⮕ Your business is growing too quickly and you can't make time to document your processes

⮕ Maybe you're burned out because you're doing everything

⮕ You've had to say no to an ideal client due to spending too much time taking care of administrative details instead of running the show

⮕ You've paused a podcast, canceled an event, or not showed up as your best self


Don't let your real work suffer because you don't have the proper systems to run the operations. 
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Here's what happened for Mike...


"Chelsea and I met in Washington DC and for several days she pulled every random process, procedure, and workflow out of my scrambled brain. It was part business work and part psych exam.

One by one, Chelsea created standard operating procedures for nearly every activity in my business –– social media, sales, customer service, live events, podcast creation, booking, calendar management, travel, hiring contractors, paying contractors, and more.

Today, business is BOOMING (we’re up 73% from 2019 –– during the pandemic, no less). I’ve never had more open space in my calendar to focus on the things that only I can do –– run masterminds, host workshops, grow my network, create content, and even write a book!"


- Mike Kim, Personal Brand Expert and New York Times Best Selling Author 


Here's the thing about Entrepreneurs...

They know their craft well but not how to run a business!


The reason these 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs are running high-ticket events and driving high sales traffic to their product offerings is because they are focusing on THEIR ZONE OF GENIUS! In order to do that, they have processes and procedures in place to run the operations.

What if YOU had these EXACT systems that have helped experts like: Jody Maberry, Mike Kim, Dan Cockerell, Lee Cockerell, and Jeff Noel?!


The Entrepreneur Templates

These Templates Will Help You Save Time, Make Money, and Know Exactly What To Automate and Delegate.


These are the PROVEN, real-world workflows I have used with my 6 & 7 figure clients to grow their business.

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You are going to get templates for...

Live Events

All the checklists, agendas, budget spreadsheets, email templates, and more to have an organize a live event.


Running a mastermind is more than just showing up for the calls. Don't miss a crucial step of running a successful group - the full Mastermind SOP, email templates to members, member cancellation process, payment fail process, and applicant tracking.


The entire process for the production of a podcast episode from beginning to end, how to write those show notes, guest booking questions to ask, email templates to guests, and more!

The Business & Team

Snag my press portfolio and press sheet templates, the hourly to retainer spreadsheet, tech audit template, team member onboarding checklist, out of office process for remote teams, and more.

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Here's What You Get:

For Live Events

 Event Coordination Checklist

 Event Emails To Attendees

 Event Emails To Team Members

 Event Agenda

 Event Details

 Event Budget

 Event Feedback Form (post-event)

For Masterminds

 New Mastermind Group – Overall SOP

Adding A Member to A Mastermind – Overall SOP

 Payment Tracker

Mastermind Post-Call Replay Process – SOP

Mastermind Member Payment Fail – SOP

Mastermind Member Cancellation – SOP

Mastermind Email Templates

⮕ Mastermind Applicant Tracking

For Podcasts

Example Podcast- SOP

Generic Podcast – SOP

Podcast Email Templates

Template for Show Notes

Podcast Episodes to Blog Posts – SOP

Press Sheet

Podcast Guest Booking Questions

For The Business & Team

Contractor Payment Spreadsheet

Template for Creating All Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Customer Support Email Templates

Ideal Client Manifesto

Press Portfolio Template

Who Does What - Team Template

⮕ Hourly to Retainer Payment Template

⮕ Tech Audit Spreadsheet Template

⮕ Kajabi Resend Emails to Unopens Template

⮕ Team Member Onboarding Checklist

⮕ Remote Worker Out of Office Process

⮕ Team Survey Form

⮕ NDA Template

⮕ Independent Contractor/Client Agreement

⮕ Client Testimonial Form

⮕ Content Creation SOP 

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Hi there, I'm Chelsea!


I'm a system optimizing coach to entrepreneurs, process-obsessed virtual assistant matchmaker, adventure-seeking digital nomad, and detail-loving advocate for the cubicle worker desiring more freedom and flexibility.

I get to work with 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs to help systemize their businesses so they can automate and delegate the operations. I've seen their lives turn around by having more time and allowing them to stay in their zone of genius as the visionary.

Before becoming an entrepreneur myself, I worked for several years as the Executive Assistant to the CDO of a successful multi-million dollar company near Nashville, TN. Nowadays you’ll find me traveling with my husband and pup, looking for the next mountain to hike, and occasionally sipping a glass of bourbon — all while coaching entrepreneurs, serving clients, and blogging about this life we get to live after breaking free from the corporate world.

I believe you can do great work from anywhere and your life doesn't have to revolve around office buildings.

Ready for an offer you can't refuse?


As I continue to build and develop workflows for clients and my own business, I am constantly adding to this suite of Entrepreneur Templates –– and YOU will receive the additions and updates for FREE, for a lifetime.



Workflows, Templates, & Checklists For:

⮕ Live Events

⮕ Podcasts

⮕ Masterminds

⮕ The Business & Team

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Here Are A Few Commonly Asked Questions

Copy the process, procedure, and workflows I’ve created for 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs so you can stay in your zone of genius as the visionary and creator!

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