3 Things You Should Know About Hiring A Virtual Executive Assistant

entrepreneurs Sep 29, 2022

1. There is no magic button. give it about 3 months to get into a groove with your new EA. Remember, you know everything about the biz you’ve created and they are stepping in with fresh eyes trying to learn it all and how you like things quickly.

2. If your biz is disorganized and a hot mess, bringing someone new into the mess won’t help. Clean up the mess and get at least some foundational processes, SOPs, and organization in place before you bring them on. Otherwise, you are not setting them up for success and you won’t have clarity on exactly what you want to delegate to them. Having SOPs to hand off to your EA is so much better!

3. What I mean by “culture-fit” is someone who aligns with the passion and purpose of your company, values, and mission - a team and personality fit. Having someone as your right hand that believes in what you do and is passionate about it makes all the difference. Remember… you can teach skills, you cannot teach someone to care about your company

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