How I Take Off Monday And Friday Every Week

entrepreneurs Oct 11, 2023


I take off Monday and Friday each week which means I work just 3 days a week.


This started 2.5 years ago when my son Porter was born and I decided to take Fridays off. And as of a few weeks ago, I started taking Mondays off as well.


To be honest, I was worried a wee bit about it wondering if things would fall through the cracks taking yet another day off but nothing has fallen apart yet and the business continues to run successfully online so I can enjoy life offline.


I didn't even tell my team just to see if they'd be asking where I was or needing me haha


I figured I'd share today how I'm able to do this and how YOUR business can run smoothly without you being in all the details too...


Because what if... you worked just a handful of hours each week + your business was still operating efficiently and bringing in income?


What if... all that extra time you got back you were spending it doing whatever you wanted to do…offline.


I’m here to tell you it’s more than possible! I’m proof and this is very much one of those “if I can do it, you def can” scenarios. 


So exactly where do you START??



Put systems in place!

The step-by-step for how you want things to be done. A playbook for how your biz is run. These SOPs are what you would hand off to someone so they could do it on your behalf. Also necessary for step two below.


HINT: You can copy ALL my system and workflow templates and SOPs in my Entrepreneur and Small Business Templates.




Delegate anything that can be done by someone else so you’re left doing the things only you can do in the biz (these are the things you will focus on and do on your work days). Become a master delegator and have an incredible team that works WITH you.


This is the exact strategy that I’ve used to be able to work 3 days a week while my business continues to run successfully online.


My team is incredible. They allow me the freedom to spend extra time with my growing toddler, for which I’m so grateful in this season.


A team you trust can be a game-changer for your business.


So now where do you find these amazing team members?


We have over 2,500 freelancers in our remote worker community that you can have direct access to!


Plus, if you need help with the hiring and vetting process to find that perfect person, we can help with that too! 


If delegating some work to a remote team member sounds nice to you, here are the options for how my team can help...


1. EA & OBM Matching:

If you are looking for an Executive Assistant or Online Business Manager but don't have the time to run through the hiring and vetting process, this is for you. Our team takes care of the whole process - you let us know what you're looking for, we give our advice, and then bring you the top 3 candidates to choose from after we've vetted them extensively.

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2. Find A Freelancer: 

If you want to run your own hiring process but get direct access to thousands of quality candidates who are looking for new positions and use our Hiring Framework for vetting candidates, this is for you.

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Cheers to getting your life back!