How To Create A Life You Love

personal Mar 16, 2023

It's not perfect by ANY means and there are and will always be mountains and valleys to walk through for sure but, yes, I obsessively love my life.

Here's what I've realized, though: LOVING your life (not just liking it or being okay with it) takes work and figuring some stuff out. It doesn't just happen and it certainly doesn't happen overnight. It took us an entire YEAR of work to finally take a leap we were working towards.

So here are the steps we took to create a life we love and some notes I have about this:

☑️ Determining what you really want:

I think sometimes we diminish what we really truly want because it feels unrealistic or unfeasible in the moment. Like it's a pipe dream.

So when you're writing down (yes, WRITE IT DOWN) what you want, go all out. No half-assing it - write what you want even if it seems crazy right now. This is your life so go all in.

☑️ What needs to happen to accomplish this?

Write down what actually would need to happen or be true in order for this to come true. For example, we had to move across the country, sell our cars, get two other cars, and change careers.

☑️ Create a plan:

Boy, do I love a good plan. So how are all these things you just said that need to be accomplished realistically gonna get done?

Try using a tool like Trello (my fave) and put everything in there and create ideal timelines of what to work on first, second, and so forth.

Don't try to do everything at once - it'll be overwhelming. Focus on one or two things then let it snowball.

☑️ Get to work:

That dream life won't happen if you don't put in the work.