How To Get Control Of Your Email

remote workers Sep 28, 2023

It’s SYSTEM TIP TUESDAY where I share my best and favorite systems for creating organization and efficiency in business and life.




1. UNSUBSCRIBE from emails you don’t want to receive.

Any email in your inbox you don’t want to receive anymore, click “unsubscribe” immediately.


2. ARCHIVE emails instead of deleting them.

Don’t delete an email unless you know 1000% you will never want to see it again. If there is a *chance* you may want to find it later, ARCHIVE IT. If there’s no chance you want to find it later, delete it.


3. Create FOLDERS in your inbox based on the crossroads of Urgent & Important.

Folders to create:

  • Do (an email goes here if it’s urgent and important, you get to these within 24 hours)
  • Later (an email goes here if it’s important but not urgent
  • Distraction (an email goes here if it’s not important or urgent - then it’s a distraction!) [I put newsletters I get here or emails I wanna refer back to]
  • Archive


Treat your email inbox like air traffic control - every email needs to go somewhere… into a folder or deleted!

I created a 10 min Email Management Tutorial showing you exactly how to create these folders and an inside view of what this should look like! Get it for free here »


4. Create RULES in your inbox.

If you’re on a Mac and use Apple Mail, you can do this by going to Mail > Preferences > Add Rule

Example: any email that comes to your inbox with the subject line “order confirmation” automatically goes to a Purchase Receipts folder (a subfolder in your Distraction folder)


5. Every 3 months, ERASE your Trash and Junk folders.

Every email you delete goes to your Trash folder and junk mail automatically goes to your Junk folder. These folders fill up and are taking up precious space so every 3 months you need to permanently delete these.


Grab my quick Email Management Tutorial showing you exactly how to get your email inbox organized in 10 min!

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