Make Dinner More Efficient

personal Aug 30, 2023

I have to say, I kind of highly dislike the words “meal prep.” I think because of the amount of work and pressure that it seems like it is. Like I’m gonna be in the kitchen all day on Sunday chopping and putting full meals together into little containers, which sounds awful to me.

So we do the wayyyy simplified version of meal prep (if you can even call it that?) and it’s made life easier.

Here’s what we do:

1. The beginning of every week, I write down on this little dry erase board on the side of our refrigerator the dinner meal options we have on hand that we can eat for the week. Sometimes I designate a day of the week for each meal and sometimes I don’t.

2. If we don’t have all the ingredients for the meals this means a grocery store run either on Sunday or I do InstaCart and have it delivered to our house on Monday.

3. When each weeknight evening rolls around, instead of playing the “what’s for dinner?” game, we just choose one of the options on the dinner board.

It sounds so simple and it really is but this works because we don’t have to go rummaging through the kitchen to figure out what we have to make and it makes the decision super simple which saves us a lot of brain space and energy (less decisions to have to make the better!).

Dinner efficiency for the win!