The One Thing I Take From Hotels & How I Use It

travel Sep 05, 2022

Hotels usually leave toiletries for you in your room upon arrival which housekeeping restocks too. It’s typically shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and maybe even a little sewing kit in case you have a mishap.

I don’t really use most of them because I like the products I bring. However, one thing I always look for and take with me, if it’s there, is the SHOWER CAP! 

I don’t actually use it as a shower cap though.

I put it around the bottom of our shoes when we pack them to go in our suitcase.  

I always hated the bottom of my shoes touching my clothes in my suitcase. If you think about all the gunk you’ve walked on, and that touching any of your clothing, it’s pretty gross.  

One day I had this resourceful idea to use the shower cap I saw in our hotel room and it works perfectly! 

We use the same ones as much as possible before the elasticity gives out and eventually toss it.

Give it a try!