What I Do On Fridays Instead Of Working

entrepreneurs Jun 15, 2023

Fridays are my favorites now 🤎

Today we rode bikes around the lake, threw rocks in the water, and had a picnic together.

And to be fully transparent… the way I’m able to do this is because I have processes and systems galore in place so my business can run without me needing to be in everything. And I have a fantastic team.

I was worried in the beginning (2 years ago) that doing this and taking a workday off would mean a decline in income but it hasn’t one bit. In fact it’s made things run even more efficiently bc it has to.

If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur I want to challenge you to make 4 day workweeks a thing because whatever you decide to do with that “free” day, giving yourself that space is much needed. And you know what… you’re the boss and get to make the call to choose your own schedule 💪🏼