What To Do And Not Do As A Budding Entrepreneur

entrepreneurs Feb 10, 2021

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to be a speaker at the Monetize Your Genius Summit that was put on by Daniela Nica and her team. The summit had quite the roster of impressive speakers (50+!) and even being a small part of it was such an honor. 

During the virtual summit, Daniela did something brilliant and also held Live Panels with speakers and invited summit attendees to listen in to discussions on certain topics. Near the end of one of the panels I was on, Daniela asked all the speakers a very intriguing question… “what is the one thing you would advise someone just starting out as an entrepreneur to do or not to do?”

There was such amazing advice being given by people I admired just from that one question so I decided to jot it all down. It was GOLD and advice I WISH I had heard years ago when I was just getting my start.  I figured this can’t just be kept in my personal Evernote so why not share the advice from these brilliant minds and people who have lived it with YOU too. So here you go…

The ONE THING you would advise someone just starting out as an entrepreneur to do or NOT to do:

  1. Be able to innovate when things get tough. A lot of times we tend to look at other biz owners to see how they are doing things and think we should do it like that. Instead, ask yourself how you can do it differently and stand out from the crowd. - Lauren Davis

  2. Make sure you are being true to yourself. It does take time to grow, become confident, and more comfortable but that’s easier if you’re true to yourself from the beginning.  – Alyssa Houseknecht

  3. Get organized from the beginning and document your processes as you’re creating them. It’s time-consuming and expensive to have to clean it up down the road. – Chelsea Brinkley

  4. Have people in your corner who know their specialties so you can fully step into yours. Just because you’re building your own brand, doesn’t mean you don’t have people who lock arms with you to support you. - Kay 

  5. Figure out the fastest way that you can make enough income so that you can replace the thing that you’re the weakest at first. Attack it like it’s a to-do list and work your way from one thing to the next until you’ve built your team. Document your journey so you can share it authentically with others when the time comes. -  Shila

  6. Know your math. When you get stuck, write it down and break it down. Find the 5 things that you know will produce you income and do them every day until you get rich. – Marissa Nehlsen

  7. Don’t absorb and execute on feedback that’s not from your ideal customer. - Connie Pak

  8. Persistence over perfectionism. – Daniela Nica

  9. Never stop building the list. Figure out a system to do that and continue it. – Daniela Nica

  10. Don’t read the replies to your emails in the beginning. You’re vulnerable and there is imposter syndrome in the beginning and you don’t need that. – Daniela Nica