How to Finally Keep Your Email Inbox Organized

Remove the email overwhelm and keep your inbox at zero (for real)


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At this point, you know you need to figure out a solution for your email inbox but you haven’t taken action yet. Maybe you're intimidated because it’s a mess in there or think it’s going to take far too long to clean up. But it is time. I promise you this will be a lot easier to organize than you think.


What you'll get...


In less than 10 minutes, I’m going to show you how to implement the exact system I use to manage five active email accounts with zero emails in my inbox at the end of each day.

Video tutorial (less than 10 minutes)
The four guidelines for using this system
The urgency matrix visual to process each email
The step-by-step guide to implement this system for yourself
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This email management tutorial is for you if...


⮕ You dread opening your email because it's overwhelming

⮕ You have a constant notification of unread messages

⮕ Every email you get just stays in your inbox - you have no real system in place!

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Hi there, I'm Chelsea!


Who am I and why am I great at email management?

I help 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs create efficient businesses so they have more freedom. I’m an enneagram 1, type-A person so my brain is always thinking “how can we do this better?”. Efficiency and organization are basically my love language.

Why did I create my own system?

I’ve done an obnoxious amount of research on this topic and I found a bunch of articles with tips of things to do but no real system. My email was getting out of control and I knew I needed to implement something to keep my five email accounts at inbox zero.

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