How My Business Pays For My Family Vacations

entrepreneurs remote workers Feb 14, 2024

For the past couple of years, we've been taking a vacation at the beginning of each year… all paid for by my business. 


I like to start each year with a family trip to rest, recoup, plan for the year ahead and it's really a great reset from the holiday season.


In 2023 we spent almost a month in the Playa del Carmen area paid for by the business. And this year we spent a week at a resort in Costa Mujeres and then are going for a week to Disney World with some extended family in about a month from now.



(yes, all legal and nothing shady) 


It’s simple really and just about being super intentional. 


Every month I have a CFO day. 


I look at my Income/Expenses checking account and take that number then move:

  • 5% to profit savings account
  • 50% to owner pay checking account
  • 15% to the tax savings account
  • 30% keep in the operating expense account


Traveling and exploring the world is something I'm passionate about so the money I set aside in the profit savings account is what I use to pay for these family vacations. 


I let it accrue all year, don’t really even look at the account, and don’t touch it then see what we’re able to do with what's in there.


These percentages and processes are what work for me right now. I've learned that business is ever-evolving though.


If you decide to do this, your percentages may be different depending on what you’re comfortable with.  Also, you may decide to do something completely different with your profit account. Heck, you may like fancy dinners so each month use what's in there for a night out. YOU get to decide which is what's beautiful.


But one thing I've made clear to myself is that I always set aside profit first. If that means I need to lower some expenses to accommodate, I do that.


I got this method from the book Profit First by Mike Michalowicz and put my own spin on it. If you’re a small business owner I highly recommend you check it out.


I hope this helps you. Create a process you’re comfortable with and be intentional about it.


Implementing business processes and organization to work smarter so I can enjoy life offline while things run smoothly online, is my thing.


If you're ready to get your business better organized and make things more efficient, book a 1-hour private coaching Strategy Session with me over here » 


Cheers to creating a life you love.