How My Business Ran Seamlessly Online While I Was On Vacation

entrepreneurs Feb 07, 2024

Last week I was on vacation for a week in Mexico with my family.


And while I was away, I tried to be as unplugged as possible and my business ran seamlessly online (actually bringing in over 6k) so I could enjoy my life OFFLINE too.


I hate it when people share how they did something awesome but then don't share how others can do it themselves. So I'm not about to do that. I'm gonna tell you exactly what I did.


It’s crazy to think 2 years ago I almost threw in the towel and closed my business altogether.

Once my son was born, I didn’t have the time or energy to do everything I was before. I was exhausted and couldn’t keep up. I had to make a lot of shifts in my biz, change my services and offers, and delegate more than I had (which was very scary at first).


And let me just say that I know being a business owner of any kind (freelancers included!) has its challenges and one is that you feel like it’s all on you.


You also wind up working wayyy more than you want, feel like you have to always be working to be earning income, and it can lead to burnout real quick.


Anyway, HERE’S WHAT I DID to make the above a reality:




You NEED to have the foundations in place. That’s the systems, processes, procedures, and workflows for how you run your business. Even if it’s just you right now. It’s the playbook for how your business is run. Have written out SOPs for everything that's done. These SOPs (standard operating procedures) are what you would hand off to someone so they could do it on your behalf. Even if it's just you, it is SO nice not to have to keep everything in your head all the time and just look at a document to remind you how to process or do something. 


If you need to put better systems in place...

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Copy them and make them your own based on how your business is run. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel here.


Need to know how to get your business better organized?

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Delegate anything that can be done by someone else so you’re left doing the things only you can do in the business. Become a master delegator and have an incredible team that works WITH you and understands the vision.

Most small business owners start with a VA or EA delegating the admin work that’s draining to them.

But think about what's draining you and start there. Strive to keep it lean.


My team is incredible. They allow me the freedom to spend extra time with my family, for which I’m so grateful.


If you need to find amazing team members...

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These are truly the exact steps I took that allowed my business to run online without me having to be in every detail and get some freedom back to enjoy life offline too. I hope it helps you too.


Cheers to getting your life back!