How To Get More Space And Margin In Your Life

entrepreneurs Oct 11, 2023

It’s SYSTEM TIP TUESDAY where I share my best and favorite systems for creating organization and efficiency in business and life. 


This one is all about how to get more space and margin in your life. 


Delegate the things that:

drain you, you’re not good at, or pull your attention away from your current priorities. 


A few things to remember: 

-You do not have to do everything yourself to be successful. 

- Delegation does not mean you’re lazy - it means you’re realistic with what the best use of your time is and the opportunity cost of you doing that thing. 

- Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. 


Here’s an example: I delegate grocery shopping often and I do that bc I’d rather pay $25 in fees and tip so I can have quality play time with my son. Plus grocery shopping with a toddler takes so much longer and is harder now haha. 


Some random ideas of things you can delegate... 

travel planning, house cleaning, grocery shopping, bookkeeping, event planning, house projects, schedule management, admin tasks in your business, taxes, etc.


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