Mix Up Your Workspace

remote workers Aug 18, 2023

Check out the quick video below!


I've tested this out personally for a while and can tell you I get so much more accomplished when I mix up my workspace throughout the day and feel happier.


It can be as simple as alternating sitting and standing or if you do a lot of meetings and calls, go for a walk while you talk, even just if it's around your house or driveway.


Work with what you've got and where you're at.


I personally mix up my workspace by...

  • Sitting at my desk in my office,
  • Standing at my desk in my office,
  • Outside on the patio at my standing desk,
  • Outside on the patio sitting on the sofa,
  • Walking around the driveway on calls,
  • At the kitchen island,
  • Sitting on the living room couch


Set a timer on your computer or watch (what I do) for every hour or so and change your workspace when it goes off!


Let me know if you try this!