Planning Your Rest

personal Sep 06, 2023

 One of the things I’ve learn about rest is that it’s wayyyy better if it’s scheduled in advance and occurs before you ever start to feel burned out compared to… feeling burned out then frantically trying to book a getaway. Plus more expensive.

In other words, be proactive about rest not reactive.

Don’t let rest be an afterthought or only happen when you’re about to quit it all because let’s be real - if it ain’t scheduled, it ain’t happening.

If you don’t have a REST PROCESS, implement it now and thank yourself later.

Here’s how you can create your REST PROCESS for yourself:

1. Determine *when* you need the rest.

Think about when you typically feel like you want to quit it all. Seriously. What are the times of year that you notice this feeling comes around or feel just burnt out and that you don’t have the energy to do anything?

Those are the exact times you need to have some rest.

2. Schedule it!

Go ahead and schedule this time on your calendar of when you’re going to be out and block it.

It doesn’t matter that you don’t have plans yet or don’t know what you’re going to do. Just block it off - the details can come later.

For me…

I take Fridays off every single week (doing this has been a game changer).

I take a week off at the beginning of the year in January (this is my time to go on a beachy trip with my family and to recharge and goal set).

I take a week off in the spring (this is an extended family trip), a couple weeks off in the summer for adventures, and the week of Christmas.

Your rest process is entirely up to YOU.

Maybe it’s taking a day off every week (like me) and then doing a few longer stretches throughout the year. Or maybe several smaller stretches. Do what works for you but just do it.

PS- notice I said trips not vacations bc when kids are involved it’s not really a vacay 😜