When Do You Hire Someone?

Apr 03, 2023

Ever heard the phrase "hire slow and fire fast"? It's accurate.

Hiring is a topic I feel pretty passionate about because it's crucial to be done correctly otherwise you're wasting time and money for everyone involved.

You've probably also heard someone at some point say to hire before you're ready.

And I have to say this is complete BS.

Human behavior is not to do things before we're ready.

You don't hire a handyman for your house before you even have a house, right? It just wouldn't make sense because you don't need it right now.

The same goes for hiring.


You want to hire someone when you feel the pain point that you need that role filled.

Struggle with copywriting? Hire a copywriter.

Struggle with all the admin work? Hire an Executive Assistant.

Struggle with keeping up with your finances? Hire a bookkeeper.


And BEFORE you even get to hiring someone, you HAVE to make sure you put the foundations in place (like your systems, processes, and organization) before you bring someone on and delegate anything.  Otherwise, you’re not setting this person up for success and just inviting them into a mess.

I know you may think "I can't stand all the admin work and I'm so behind - I just need to hire an EA fast" but nooooooo - make sure you get organized and set up the processes FIRST of what you would like this person to take on. Don't invite them into your mess then wonder why it's not working out.



So when do you hire someone?

1. Once you have the foundations in place (at least the basics)

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2. When you feel the pain point that you need that role filled


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