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The Work From Anywhere Bootcamp will eliminate the learning curve and put you on the fast track to successfully working remotely.


Ready to embrace the remote work lifestyle but unsure where to start? Dream of working from anywhere in the world, while enjoying the flexibility and freedom that remote work offers? Eager to have a successful remote career so you can create the life you desire on your own terms?

Then, this bootcamp is for YOU!

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In 4 Short Weeks, You'll Learn...


✅ If you should work remotely for a company OR as a freelancer/solopreneur (the pros and cons of each option you need to consider and which is right for you and your situation)

✅ What job you should be doing/service you can provide (and make good $$$)

✅ What skills you need for the job you want and how to learn them quickly

✅ How to find your dream remote job


✅ How you can set yourself up for success before making the leap

Let's Do This!
This Work From Anywhere Bootcamp is designed for...


✅ Anyone who is currently working an in-person job and wants to begin working remotely

✅ Anyone considering remote work for a company or as a freelancer/solopreneur

✅ Anyone eager to leave the confines of a traditional 9-to-5 and embrace a location-independent lifestyle

✅ Anyone who is newer to remote work and wants some guidance from someone who turned a freelance gig into a 6-figure business


 Anyone wanting to work remotely so they can create the life they desire on their own terms

And Mark Your Calendars Because...

It All Kicks-Off on Tuesday, May 23rd!


We will meet for an hour once a week on Tuesdays at 4pm MT/ 5pm CT/ 6pm ET for 4 weeks.


What you get...


✔️ 4-Week Bootcamp with Live Sessions

We will meet for an hour once a week on Tuesdays starting at 4pm MT/ 5pm CT/ 6pm ET for 4 weeks. I'll teach live and give you homework to complete by our next call.

✔️ Invaluable Workbook to Follow Along & Keep Afterward

Follow along in this workbook as we go and keep it afterward to refer back to any time you need.


✔️ Private Community Group

Use this group for networking, support, and direct access to ask Chelsea anything between calls! You can post your homework here too and get direct feedback.

This private community is why we are only taking a small number of members in order to keep it more intentional and so Chelsea can be super invested in each person.


✔️ Call Replays

While it's important to attend each call live, we know life happens and things come up. You will have access to all of the call replays forever and ever.


Hi there, I'm Chelsea!


I created this Work From Anywhere Bootcamp to help you eliminate the learning curve and put you on the fast track to successfully working remotely.

 When I left the corporate world after many years and first ventured into the world of remote work, I wish I had a comprehensive guide and mentor like this bootcamp - it certainly would have saved me from many of the mistakes I made and lots of time!  Now, as a successful entrepreneur, I want to share the valuable insights I've gained to help you embrace the freedom of remote work *successfully*.

My journey into entrepreneurship began as a side hustle alongside my full-time corporate job. At first, I was completely winging it. As things started to pick up, I realized that navigating the remote work landscape was challenging and time-consuming without proper guidance. I spent countless hours searching for the right information, figuring out how to find remote job opportunities, learning the skills needed to succeed in the remote work environment, and trying to find out how to get answers to those tech questions.

I don't want anyone else to face these same struggles.

With the Work From Anywhere Bootcamp, I want to set you up for success from the start, whether you're transitioning to a remote career or looking to enhance your current remote work experience. Let me guide you on this exciting journey and help you unlock the true potential of working from anywhere!

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This Bootcamp is LIVE! You will have access to the replays but you'll get the most out of it if you attend live to ask your pressing questions!

Work From Anywhere Bootcamp (one payment)



✔️ 4-Week Bootcamp with Live Sessions

✔️ Invaluable Workbook 

✔️ Private Community Group

✔️ Call Replays


Work From Anywhere Bootcamp (payment plan)

$198.50 for 2 months


✔️ 4-Week Bootcamp with Live Sessions

✔️ Invaluable Workbook 

✔️ Private Community Group

✔️ Call Replays

By selecting the payment plan option you are agreeing to make BOTH payments and will not be able to cancel or ask for a refund.

Join Chelsea on May 23rd!

The world is waiting, and so is your dream remote job. Let the Work From Anywhere Bootcamp guide you to a fulfilling and flexible career.

Register now to secure your spot and prepare for a life-changing experience!


"Honestly, I would never have made it this far without you as inspiration!"

- Liz B.


"You probably hear this a lot from people, but I will tell you again. Thank you for stepping out in starting the community, sharing your past and current stories, and being a practical encourager. I appreciate your availability to share your thoughts and be an open book when it comes to career and business stuff! Your presence and words are making the world a better place."

- Marianna G.


"You are a true inspiration and I want to thank you for all you are doing. I feel so excited for my future... hopeful and ready to rock!"

- Angela S.

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