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Running a successful business is about more than being great at your craft. You have to be EXCELLENT with the business end too (and I believe this piece is even more important). It means sending invoices on time, tracking your income and expenses, communicating well, and knowing how to share the amazing services you provide.

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You’ve had enough of the corporate world and are ready to work for yourself.

You want to start that side hustle and see how it goes.

You're running your business but know your processes need some help.

But you're not sure where to begin...
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Imagine if you could...


⮕ Save lots of time

⮕ INSTANTLY have your business set up for success

⮕ Be confident that you’ve done everything right

⮕ Feel and look more official to your clients

⮕ Have an easy plan in place you can use over and over again

Well, I want to help you do just that!

Freelancer Templates

Having all of these processes in place will save you so much time.


These templates will give you every important form, spreadsheet, and template your freelance business actually needs to be successful for the long haul.

Take a sneak peak inside!

These templates will help you to:

Save Time

You don't have to reinvent the wheel! Just customize these templates for your business and you''ll be set up for success.

Improve Your Process

Maybe you've already started creating systems, and that's amazing! Use these templates to seal the deal and get back to client work!

Focus on Growth

Let these templates (that work!) free you up to spend more time growing your client list and doing the work you love!

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Here's what you get...


1. Services Flyer & Resume Template

Your services flyer shows a client exactly what you can do to help them (that's what they care about). This is what you need to include on both of these and the exact templates I use.

2. Client Outreach Email Template

You have a potential client you want to reach out to and pitch working together, but what do you say? This email template shows you what to say (includes an outreach tracker too) and is what I used to secure 6-figure clients.

3. Client Intake Form

Get the info you need before the first call with a potential client. This form includes all the questions you should be asking ahead of time. Don't waste time on a call if it's not a good fit.

4. Official Client Proposal

A proposal needs to include more than just the cost. It needs to set the expectations and remind the client why they should have hired you yesterday.

5. Client Hours & Payment Tracking Spreadsheet

Using this one spreadsheet, you'll be able to: track overall monthly hours for each client, track payments received from clients, see your total monthly income, and know exactly how much you should set aside for taxes each month.

6. Invoice Template

You need to invoice clients in order to get paid. Included, are 3 invoice templates - hourly, retainer, and project-based.

7. Yearly Expense Tracking Template

You'll have some expenses along the way and this spreadsheet will help you track all of that. It also includes a sheet of examples for tax-deductible items.

8. Subcontractor Payment Template

If you decide to subcontract work to other team members, this spreadsheet is where you'll track what you pay each person (and needed for tax-purposes).

BONUS: Template for Creating Every SOP

When working with a client or on your own business, there will be plenty of times you’ll need to document a process to either remember it for yourself or be able to hand off for someone else to do. This template for creating Standard Operating Procedures will make it easier.

For an investment that's a FRACTION of that!
I Want These Templates!

Hi there, I'm Chelsea!


I created these templates to help save you TIME!

When I left the corporate world after many years to do my own thing and first started in the freelancer world, these templates are what I wish I had available to me. Now as an entrepreneur running a successful business, they are the foundation of my success.

My entrepreneur journey first started as a side hustle to my full-time corporate job. Initially, I was completely winging it. When things started to pick up, I realized I didn’t have any templates in place for sending proposals to clients, invoices, and wasn’t tracking my expenses or income properly. I was wasting a lot of time by creating the same documents over and over again, not sure if they were professional enough, or if what I was creating based on Google searches was correct [hint, it was not].

I had to play a lot of catch up to put these systems in place in my business and don’t want anyone else to have to do that.

I want you to be set up for success so you can start your business, side hustle, or clean up your current systems easily.

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These are for you if...


 You’re pressed for time and need instant organization.

⮕ You’re fed up with trying to understand all of the moving pieces.

⮕You want freedom from being overwhelmed.

⮕You’re ready to take your “side hustle” to the next level!

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⮕ Services Flyer & Resume Template

⮕ Client Outreach Email Template

⮕ Client Intake Form

⮕ Official Client Proposal


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⮕ Services Flyer & Resume Template

⮕ Client Outreach Email Template

⮕ Client Intake Form

⮕ Official Client Proposal

 Client Hours & Payment Tracking Spreadsheet

⮕ Invoice Template (including 3 options)

⮕ Yearly Expense Tracking Template

⮕ Subcontractor Payment Template

⮕ BONUS:  Template for creating every SOP

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⮕ Client Hours & Payment Tracking Spreadsheet

⮕ Invoice Template (including 3 options)

⮕ Yearly Expense Tracking Template

⮕ Subcontractor Payment Template


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